About the Club

The UNC Badminton Club was very active way before 1990.  Dr. Tom Stumpf and Dr. Steve Marron were helping the club to move forward, advising the then-presidents of the club.  In 1989, Dr. Chi-Duen Poon came to North Carolina and began involved in the club business.  By that time, Dr. Poon worked closely with UNC Campus Recreation to set up badminton schedules.  Once a week, one of the club officers would call Campus Recreation asking for the weekly badminton schedule.  Then, the club would broadcast an email message to all club members.  The UNC Badminton Club was one of the first student organizations to adapt the mailing list, using listserv to do mass mailing telling members what was going in the club and badminton activities in the triangle area in general.

Several years later, the web became usable.  The UNC Badminton Club created one of the early club web sites.  With the web, the club officials were able to put a lot of club information there for players who were interested in the club.  There were many club members who found UNC Badminton Club web page even before moving to North Carolina and joined the club afterward.

In early 2009, UNC Campus Recreation approved the club to provide training.  Juniors under 18 were also granted to come into the gym to learn badminton on Sunday.

In early 2010, the club worked with Chapel Hill Seymour Center to put badminton into the center schedule.  With donation of money and time from club members, Seymour Center started to have badminton activity regularly in April 2010.

In 2013, after much effort of application and admission hearing, the UNC Badminton Club became the 50th members in the UNC Sport Clubs program. The club is taking this great opportunity to increase publicity and better promote badminton in the triangle area.


Over the past 20 years or so, there were many players who contributed time and effort to move the club forward.

The club is extremely grateful for all the work they have provided.  These players include (but not limited to) Dr. Chee Ng, Dr. Mythreye Karthikeyan, Dr. Rohit Prakash, Dr. Jingyu Yan, Dr. Kok-Lim Low, Dr. Ke Xu, Ben George, Shawn George, Jiaxin Chen, Jie Gao, Yang Cui, Shunping Huang, Yang Wu, Xinxin Li, Yingqiu Zhou, Mia Lei, Michael Boyle, Forrest Li, Fei Gao, Xiao Yang and Kenny Chen for being the club officials.

We also acknowledge Dr. Li Guan who designed the UNC Badminton Club logo.