Club Calendar

The UNC Badminton Club publishes badminton schedules in Fetzer Gym B and Rams Head Recreation on this calendar. Those time slots are reserved by the UNC Badminton Club.

There are 2 types of reservations, free play and club play.  For free play, UNC Badminton Club membership is NOT required.  For club play, membership is required and the court usage is regulated by club rules.

There are times when the gym is not scheduled for any event.  The gym supervisor may choose to set up badminton nets.  If you find out that there is no event in Fetzer Gym B but the nets are up, please broadcast to the club mailing list at

Our club will try our best to update the schedule accurately. However, during holidays and days with special events, please also double check the university’s facility calendar below (choose Fetzer Gym B) and notify us any discrepancies: