Club T-Shirt

Update: The deadline for ordering has passed.

Now we are accepting orders for our club t-shirt.

The front logo was designed by Xiao Yang. On the back of the shirt, we have the club logo designed by Li Guan and modified by Xiao. You can also choose to put your last name and first name initial on top of the logo.

How to buy?

  1. Fill out the order form below.
  2. Pay with Paypal at the bottom of this page.


Here is the size chart.

size chart 2015 fall

If you are interested in getting your own club T-shirt, please fill out the form below and pay through our Paypal link following the form. Deadline to submit your purchase is Oct. 16th, 2015. For members, the club will subsidize part of the costs. The cost is $18 per shirt with name and $13 without. The price for non-members will be $4 more (cost is $22 per shirt with name and $17 without). (The price is $1 more for a 2XL, $1.5 more for a 3XL and $2.5 more for a 4XL, you’ll be contacted for the additional payment).

Club Forum

UNC Badminton Club club forum has just been enabled.  Click the “Club Forum” link to get to it.

The forum will enable you to post any question on various operation of the club.  It is also a great place to ask for information about anything related to the club.

There is no need to log in to post new topic and/or reply to an old topic.

To start up a new topic, pick a forum and create a new one.

To reply on an on going discussion topic, click on the topic to start writing your thought.