2014 sNp Training

joel_l-254x300The UNC Badminton Club is proud to offer 2014 sNp BADMINTON TRAINING PROGRAM to the club members. There will be 8 sessions in this program targeted to bring your badminton skill to the next level. Starting from March 13th, 2014 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, the program will take place on Thursdays for 8 weeks in a row in Fetzer Gym B on UNC Campus.

Training will be conducted by Joel Goldstein, a very successful badminton coach, who is 4 times USA Junior National Champion, 4 times USA Junior National Runner-up, 3 times USA Junior National Team Member, 2 times Collegiate All-American, and 1993 Maccabiah Games Gold Medalist. Currently, Joel conducts a long-term training program at Bond Park in Cary, NC.  The 8-session program will be also assisted by Truong Pham and Yang Cui.

This program is targeted to all levels of badminton players, beginners and advanced players, juniors and seniors. It is for UNC Badminton Club members only.

There is a training fee involved. For the whole 8-session training program, it will cost $30 for each player. In fact, the original cost is $40.  The UNC Badminton Club will subsidize $10 per player and therefore the final cost for each player is $30.  If you are interested in joining this program, please fill up the following form and bring the fee to Xiao Yang (yx@unc.edu) 2 days before the first training session (payment deadline March 11th).

The maximum number of trainees is set to 24, and the sign-up is on first-come-first-serve basis: it will be closed once we hit the quota. Please sign up at your earliest convenience.


Program Details

There are 2 goals in this training program, PHYSICAL and TACTICAL.

For PHYSICAL goal, in the first 3-4 week periods, most people will focus on footwork to improve their court movement and general fitness.  Since we have the opportunity to play 3-4 times per week, we have the ability to make huge improvements in a short periods of time by learning the drills on Thursday and practicing the drills in other sessions during the week.

For TACTICAL goal, we can do a little of this each week, but the real focus should come after everyone can move more effectively.  Knowing where to go, how to rally, and when to attack makes the players smarter and more effective.  Joel will do this with a combination of the following:

1. Doubles drills – Serve & Return half-court game, 2 on 1 Attack & Defend
2. Single drills – Half-court Singles with no smashing, 2 on 1 speed games with smashing
3. Observe games and conduct situational coaching

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