2014 UNC-NCSU Badminton Tournament

The UNC Badminton Club organizes a college badminton tournament “UNC vs NC states” on Sunday March 30th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm in Fetzer Gym B on UNC campus.We are calling for players representing UNC badminton team! Therefore we will have UNC Team Trial Games to gather the players in the team. Everyone is welcomed to come and play at the UNC team trial games on Tuesday March 11th from 5:00pm from 7:00pm. If you play in double games, make sure that you have your partner. We will have 1MS, 1WS, 2MD, 2XD, and 2WD in the tournament.

In the event, in addition to the UNC vs NCSU competition, we will also have a Fun Game for doubles from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at the same place. You can sign up by emailing to Xinxin (xinxinli@unc.edu) before Tuesday, Mar 28th. The fun game winners will have the chance to play with winners in the tournament and there will be awards for the Fun Game.
During the event, the club sponsor, serveNplay, will be in.  If you have any need for badminton gear, please come and get what you need.  You are always welcome to email sales@servenplay.com to ask for your requirements.