Constitution of the UNC-Chapel Hill Badminton Club


We, the members of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) community, comprising of undergraduate and graduate, faculty, staff, and alumni, in order to provide opportunities for playing Badminton at UNC-CH, encourage both recreational and competitive play Рespecially at the undergraduate level, establish a Team to represent UNC-CH at Badminton Competitions in the Southeast USA region, and foster greater interest in Badminton, the second most popular sport in the World, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the UNC-CH Badminton Club.

Article I: Membership
1. Club Membership is open to all members of the UNC-CH community.
2. A Membership fee may be charged.
3. Playing ability is not a criterion for Club Membership.

Article II: Office Bearers
1. Office Bearers have the responsibility of arranging regular Club meetings, filing necessary paperwork, tracking membership statistics, organizing play at UNC-CH, announcing and encouraging participation in area tournaments.
2. Club officers are voluntary, carry no monetary enumeration, and selection is by consensus.
3. Only members of the Club may become Office Bearers.

Article III: Conduct
Club Members are expected to
1. adhere to the highest standards of Sportsmanship and treat their fellow players with courtesy;
2. not occupy a court for unreasonable lengths of time; and
3. help players of lesser ability, and learn from those who are better.