As of 1 April 2012, the UNC Badminton Club has implemented fee-based training and the free training has been terminated.

As you have known, the UNC Badminton club has offered free Badminton training (1hr/week) to all players (UNC and non-UNC members).  However, 1hr/week is not enough to effectively improve your Badminton skills.  After a week, most forget what were learned the week before.  Also, it’s hard for each coach to spend  more than 10 minutes with each player in each practice session to carefully correct and drill each individual.

Some players have requested private lessons to have more time with coaches to quickly improve their skills, but we have been very hesitant to fee-based training.  However, after thoughtful consideration, the UNC coach team has agreed to concentrate its effort on dedicated players (any level) who love Badminton and are willing to spend more private time with each coach to improve their skills.  These players can contact any coach on the UNC Badminton website or email the coaches directly to arrange for their private lessons accordingly.  The team will also offer group monthly clinics for a small fee.

Here are the tentative fees for the private lessons.  Hopefully, with future funding and sponsoring, the fees will be reduced.


* For clinic, $10/clinic/1hr (group of at least 10, and more than one coach)

Please feel free to contact us your suggestions to make your training more effective and pleasant, as well as worth the time spending.

If you decide to join the fee-based training, please contact the coach of your choice to make arrangement for the training sessions.