Badminton at Fetzer

The home court of UNC Badminton Club is located in Fetzer Gym B (map) right at the heart of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.  Fetzer Gym B can have a maximum of 6 counts on hardwood floor with tall ceiling.

UNC Campus Recreation allocates time for badminton in Fetzer Gym B on a weekly basis.  Normally, we have Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoon.  The club posts the badminton schedule online.

Of the 6 courts, 3 of them are for games rotating with players waiting for the courts.  The rest of the courts are for leisure play.  All players are required to bring their rackets and shuttles.

UNC Bell Tower

Around Fetzer Gym, there are some landmarks.  Bell Tower is about one block away from the gym.  The Carolina Student Union is right across the street of the gym.


Carolina Student Union









Fetzer Gym Front Entrance




Fetzer Gym front entrance is right at the intersection of South Road and Raleigh Road in Chapel Hill.

After you get into the Fetzer Gym front door, walk all the way to the end of the hallway right behind and reception counter.  At the end of the hallway, take your right and enter Gym B.




Parking is relatively easy around Fetzer Gym on weekday after 5pm and weekend with no major UNC activities.  Check out this map for parking lot locations.



1. Stadium Drive (S4): Parking spaces are available along Stadium Drive.

2. School of Government Parking Deck (KSD): In between Hooker Fields and the School of Government, there is a park deck.  The lower level parking is ideal for parking during daytime in summer.

3. NC54 Parking Lot (V): NC54 Parking Lot is on Raleigh Road right pass Country Club Road on the left going east.  This lot is free after 5pm on weekdays and weekend.  When there is any special event on campus, this lot is likely open for free parking.

4. South Road Metered Parking: Right in front of the soccer fields on South Road, there are metered parking spaces.

5. Bell Tower Parking Deck (BTD): The parking deck is a little further away from Fetzer Gym.  However, it has a lot of parking spaces.

6. Tennis Court Drive Parking Deck (ND): The parking deck is very close to Fetzer Gym.