Badminton at Seymour

Thanks to many UNC Badminton Club members for their financial support and time to purchase the equipment and put lines on the floor.  As of April 2010, badminton is available at Chapel Hill Seymour Center.

The address and phone number of Seymour Center is shown below.  The center is located right off the Martin Luther King Blvd on Homestead Road in Chapel Hill (map).

2551 Homestead Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-9087
(919) 968-2070

The badminton schedule at Seymour does not change very often.  However, it will be good to check the UNC Badminton Club Calendar for the time.

The club maintains a separate mailing list for Seymour badminton.  If you are interested in knowing what is going on in Seymour, contact the Seymour Badminton Group committee to request for joining the Seymour badminton mailing list.

At the beginning of each Seymour badminton session, we will have to set up the posts and nets ourselves.  Also, after each session, we will take the posts and nets down, clean up the floor.  The posts and nets are stored in the big closets inside the Great Hall.  We will also need to report the number of players in each session to the front desk.

There are free parking right in the back of Seymour Center.

Seymour badminton is being administered by the Seymour Badminton Group committee chaired by Robin Johnston, committee members included Linda Wu, Wenjie Wang, and Xu-Ming Xie.