2012 UNC Fun Badminton Event

The UNC Badminton Club together with the Seymour badminton group is hosting 2012 UNC Fun Badminton Event on Sunday October 28, 2012 in Fetzer Gym B on UNC Chapel Hill campus from 1pm to 8pm.  The purpose of this activity is to raise funds to support Seymour badminton.  All money generated from this event will be sent to Friends of Seymour to support badminton activity in Seymour Center.

Fetzer Gym is located in the intersection of South Road and Raleigh Road (map).  Parking around Fetzer Gym is indicated in this map.  For Garmin GPS device, entering “150 South Road, Chapel Hill” will get you to right by Fetzer Gym entrance.

This 2012 UNC Fun Badminton Event is designed to accommodate all levels (from beginners to advanced players) and all age of players.  We take extra effort to make sure that all beginners are going to have fun and enjoy the game.

This event is for doubles only and male and female players are treated the same.  In other words, all games are competing with team of 2 people.

In this event, we will put teams into several groups according to their skill level.  Within a group, matches are played in round robin format so that each team will play against other teams with about the same level of skill.  After round-robin, we plan to have a challenge match and you sign up during the event.

The minimum donation suggested for this event is $15 per person.  With registration, please make check payable to “Ralph Balzac”.

During the event, ServeNplay will display badminton gear for sale.  They will help restringing badminton rackets too.  If you are looking for badminton equipment, here is a good chance to do just that.

Check out the 2012 UNC Fun Badminton Event Flyer for additional information.

This event is organized by CD Poon, Ralph Balzac, Mark Chandler, and Ed Burns assisted by Fred Ho, Hongbing Shao, Linda Wu, and Linda Burns.

This event has been successfully finished.