Badminton in Hillsborough

The Orange County of North Carolina maintains and manages a gym facility at the Hillsborough Central Recreation Center in Hillsborough.  Badminton is scheduled regularly in that facility.  The Hillsborough Central Recreation Center is located in Tryon Road, right in downtown Hillsborough.

Badminton in Hillsborough Central Recreation Center is scheduled to be held regularly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am to 11am with 2 courts.  Annual fee is $25 ($15 for half year) to use that facility.

You are encouraged to come out and join Hillsborough badminton.  The Hillsborough badminton group strives to improve the games with young and old alike, but more importantly, they come away from the exercise with great laughter and tears in some cases.

The UNC Badminton Club works closely with the Hillsborough badminton group.  The Hillsborough badminton schedule is published in the UNC Badminton club calendar.